About Us

RIPORTICO is an Engineering Consultant who seeks excellence in the service she delivers to her clients.


With a wide range of services for the Energy and Infrastructure sector, over the years it has achieved specialization in areas whose complementarity and differentiation has led to the loyalty of demanding Customers.


It is a leading company in the markets where it operates, seeking to build a high quality brand, based on rigor and technical excellence, but also on innovation, the use of technology, technical rigor and an attitude of nonconformity in adversity and energy in demand. of the final result that exceeds the highest expectation of each Customer.



Being an Engineering Consultant of Excellence at national and international level, being an asset in the region or in the market where RIPÓRTICO is inserted, in the elaboration of Studies and Projects, Management and Supervision of Works, Safety Coordination or Technical Consulting.



Achieve a consolidated image in the market (national and international) of reference and prestige consultant based on the rigor, quality and excellence of her work, but also on the energy and nonconformity of its staff in exceeding the expectations of clients.

RIPÓRTICO also wants to be a reference for its competitors, conquering this differentiating position in the market.



A. The Person at the Center of all action

Operating in an open and competitive market, RIPORTICO has over the years nurtured a corporate culture where 'Pessoa' is at the heart of all its action.

And this not only means the spirit and joy of service to each of our Customers, but also the respect and generosity towards our Suppliers, Partners, Employees and Consultants.


B. Quality in Relationships

This is why our daily lives strive for quality in relationships with all the people with whom we interact, making sure that generosity and a spirit of help are always present.


C. Business Ethics

Building healthy business relationships is achieved by gaining trust, and trust is achieved when the truth is present in our interactions. Whether with customers or suppliers, with employees and other institutions with which RIPORTICO relates.

Therefore, every day, Ethics is always present.


D. Sustainability in Solutions

The Sustainability of Solutions is not only present in the sense of the economic and financial viability of the projects we produce or projects in which we have management responsibility.

Being Sustainable in Solutions represents the immersion into the vastness of the field of knowledge of the natural world and the problems facing the various knowledge sciences.

In the conception of new projects this is a reality that has always been present, hence the importance we attach to the incorporation of passive architecture in our projects.

Caring for safety aspects on site, in Environmental Management, or on the road to specialization in the area of ​​Energy and the development of projects for the production of energy from the Sun, Wind, Water and Geothermia are some of the moments that make us feel. point the way we want to go deeper.


E. Social Responsibility

A company that puts Pessoa at the center of its action, that is concerned with the quality and presence of high ethical standards in its relationships, or that seeks sustainability in its solutions, cannot but believe that Social Responsibility is the way to go. towards a fairer and more responsible society.

Therefore, we understand that changing habits is the best way to exercise our social responsibility and we support initiatives in the areas of Education and Environment, having in the past supported actions in the area of ​​Civil Protection, Health and Culture.


Quality Policy

– Commercial attitude, always trying to ensure the next service as job security and good performance management;

– Technical Rigor in solutions, striving for excellence in work, exceeding customer expectations;

– Compliance with Laws and Regulations in force;

– Efficiency Management, with good cost control and good budgeting;

– Continually improve the Quality Management System in all its perspectives – Financial, Marketing, Internal Processes and Resources for development.